Summary of Bylaws Changes from the 2009 Version

Approved by Friends Membership on 3/8/2022

The revised bylaws consists of a number of several explicit changes as indicated below.  In addition, a number of clarifying wording changes were made.  FECL Bylaws as Amended May 2009 (PDF file)

  1. Added a definition of the term “El Cerrito Library” (Article I)
  2. Expanded the definition of the purposes to include knowledge, literature, literacy, and fostering equitable outcomes (Article II)
  3. Provided increased specific authority for board activity including:
    1. Calling of meetings (Article IV, sec. 1 and 2.)
    2. All operations and policy making activity typical for boards of non profit organizations (Article VI, sec. 5)
    3. Handling of disbursement of funds and designating signers on bank accounts (Article VIII, sec. 1)
  4. Provided authority to email notice of meetings to those members who have listed an email address (Article IV, sec. 3)
  5. Changed conduct rule from Roberts’ Rules of Orders to Rosenburg’s Rules of Order (Article IV, section 4)
  6. Clarified voting authority of members (Article IV, section 5)
  7. Combined functions of Recording and Corresponding Secretary (Article V, section 1(a), and section 2(c))
  8. Changed term of offices and board members from two years to one year and until a successor is elected (Article V, section 1(b), and Article VI, section 3))
  9. Provided that Board insists of 9 members unless it designates a greater number (Article VI, sec. 2(a))
  10. Clarified that library manager a non-voting member of the board (Article VI, sec. 2(e)).
  11. Changed requirement of board meetings from at least 10 meetings per year to at least quarterly (Article VI, sec. 4(a))
  12. Expressly provided that nomination committee may nominate more than one person for any position (Article VII, sec. 1(a))
  13. Deleted the requirements of an expensive formal audit and added ability to have an outside review of financial records (Article VIII, sec. 2(b))