New Year = New Resolve to Keep Blog up-to-date

Dear Friends of the Library,

Did you know that Board meetings are open to all Friends of the Library and the public?  Yes, it’s true and you are warmly invited to participate!

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4pm, the Board has a meeting in the library basement. Each meeting includes general business, a Treasurer’s report and an update from the Library Manager, Liz Ruhland, covering various aspects of library operations.  This is always an interesting segment of the meeting. For example, last month, the Board was asked to contribute a small amount of money to buy a Time Capsule for the Library.  Evidently, the Contra Costa Library system wants each Library to procure various items to be inserted into a large plexiglass tube, sealed up and stored away for 50 years.  Who will decide what sort of items to include?  The process is still being determined, but I’m sure the Library will be interested in getting input from patrons.

Remember: 2nd Tuesdays at 4pm- Board of Friends of the Library meeting- next meeting Jan. 14

Would you like to have the minutes of the meetings posted here on this blog? What other information would you like to read about on this blog?

Let us know, thank you!