Friends’ 2022 Annual Report

Welcome to the Friends’ 2022 Annual Report! 

A brief note: With expanded book sales during 2022, Friends’ income increased by 50% over 2021. Following the Library’s return to in-house programming, funding requests from the staff increased by 270%! Overall, Friends’ expenses increased only 30% relative to income, leaving Friends in a good financial position to support the Library’s ongoing programs.

In 2022, Friends welcomed eight additional volunteers and four newly elected board members. In 2023, the Board will reassess the Book Sale Committee and establish a new Volunteer Committee to meet our growing needs.

Contact if you’re interested in joining our board and/or volunteering! 

Your donations to Friends help ensure the El Cerrito community continues equitable access to quality library services and resources. We are equally grateful to our volunteers and the Board for their support given to Friends and the El Cerrito Library. Thank you! 

-Amy Rogers, FECL Chair

Highlights of 2022: 

Friends booth at OneWorld July 4th event. July 2022.
Booth at OneWorld, July 4, 2022
  • New online payment tool on website for donations & dues
  • Book Sales: March, May, & October
  • Eight new volunteers & four more board members joined Friends
  • Reorganized basement space for in-house sales in 2023
  • Updated FECL’s Bylaws
  • Booth at July 4th Festival

Library programs & activities made possible with Friends’ Support: 

  • New stools for little kids to reach self-help checkouts and shelves
  • Community Reads for Kids
  • Origami crafts, programming materials for teen volunteers to decorate teen area
  • Take-and-Make Calligraphy Craft for Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Bulletin board at self check
  • Banned Books Week promotion
  • Storytime supplies
  • Take & make kit to celebrate Dia de los Muertos
  • National Novel Writing Month kits
  • Kids’ Music/Singalong program 
Friends' income and expenses listed for 2022.


Woman reading to a kid.

Volunteer Hours: 

542 hours = $9,125  worth of time donated. (Based on El Cerrito 2022 minimum wage $16.37) 

Many thanks to volunteers Alanna M., Anne C., Anne F.,  Becky M., Connie W., Emily S., Gavin M., Georgia F., Golda B.,  Jan S.,  John B., Laurel B., Lawrence M., Lily H., Lisa S., Mary T., Michele M., Mike M., Patrick O., Ruth R., Selene F., Susan B., Suzanne R., Sylvia W., and Ulli R.

Friends book sale outside in the parking lot, with people looking at books on tables. May 2022
May 2022 Book Sale

How to reach us: 

Contact us at with questions and comments.  Address is El Cerrito Library, 6510 Stockton Ave, El Cerrito, CA. Hours are Saturdays, from 10am-12pm. Get our latest news at the website and Instagram at @elcerritolibraryfriends 

Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Friends of the El Cerrito Library is to support the library’s programs and collection materials. The all-volunteer Friends raise funds through donations and book sales. Funds are also raised through support community events to purchase new books, services, gifts, endowments, and bequests. The Friends is made up of 100 long-time supporters and dedicated volunteers who care about books, literacy, and libraries.

Board of Directors: 

Friends' basement lined with bookshelves and tables.
  • Amy Rogers, Chair 
  • Al Miller, Vice Chair 
  • Ann Goolsby, Secretary 
  • Tom Panas, Treasurer 
  • At-Large Directors: Susan Billings, Michael Fischer, Becky Miller, Mike Monson and Connie Williams

Board Member: 

Heidi Goldstein, El Cerrito Library Senior Community Library Manager