23 Reasons Why Your Library is the Most Important Place in Town

Al Miller, President of the El Cerrito Library Foundation, sent the following email to a private list. It is posted here with his permission.

Hello Everyone;

As the library option at the BART Plaza Station TOD Project moves forward, I want to share a 2011 post on the El Cerrito Library Foundation’s web site entitled, “23 Reasons Why Your Library Is the Most Important Place in Town“.

I think the information contained in this post is just as valid today as it was when it was posted in 2011. The reason I think that is that it addresses and informs about values and how community libraries support those values in equitable and inclusive ways.

As the addresses in this email discuss and formulate their organizations plans to get a new, modern library in El Cerrito, hopefully through the Library Option at the Plaza Bart Station, please be mindful of the contents in this 2011 post.

The primary hope of the El Cerrito Library Foundation is that the City Council and Staff quickly develop a plan and schedule for implementation of that plan that will give the greater El Cerrito community served by our library the best, most realistic chance to take advantage of this Library Option and gain a new, modern library in El Cerrito.

The ECLF is ready to do our part to make this happen. And, we hope the rest of you will join us.

Thank you.

Al Miller, ECLF President